Morgan x Harbor 1982


"Dar Morev"
Borzoi & Maine Coon Cats


Kelcrest Distant Thunder FCh mjr ptd x Kelcrest Harbor Lights

(Am.Cn Ch Kelcrest Night Thunder x Colhugh Charm Dirlov) & ( Kelcrest Midnight Blue x Ch.Velox Kira of Kelcrest)

Morgan 19 mo WD.JPG (26596 bytes)         Harbor 1.7 yrs.JPG (15317 bytes)
       "Morgan" 1.5 yrs                    "Harbor" 1.7 yrs

This was my first litter. The beginning of many new adventures and friends.
Both the above pictures are of young naked Borzoi. Be forgiving ;-)

Dar Morev's Ghost Smuggler F Ch. (Zar) Became Sara Lyons dog for Jr Handling.

Dar Morev Pirate O' Kelcrest (Drew) Owner C. Kelsey

Dar Morev's Sea Sprite Sno Paw (Bubbles) Owner Sally Stephens 

Dar Morev's Buccaneer O'Rohan (Noah) Owners Joe & Camelle Chaney (Rohanoak)

Dar Morev's Sinbad's a Salty Dog (Moosie) Owner B. Solga

Dar Morev's Stormy Harbor (Storm) Owner B. Solga

Dar Morev's Jamaican Sunset (Jem)  Owner B. Solga

Dar Morev's Marine Mist F Ch. (Nina) Owner B. Solga

Dar Morev's Havana Dreams F Ch. (Havana) Owner B. Solga

                  A few pictures of the kids not so well known.

Jem.JPG (12764 bytes) "Jem"  

                       Storm 9 mo.JPG (16631 bytes)  "Storm"

                                       Marina 1yr.JPG (12767 bytes) "Nina"