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  Located North of Seattle Washington.

Dar Morev Hounds was established in 1977 with the acquisition of my first beautiful Borzoi. "Zorro" introduced me to the many wonderful aspects of the breed and I have been an avid fancier ever since. Involved in Coursing, Showing, and Breeding these wonderful dogs. And more importantly, living with them.

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Ch.Dar Morev's Neon Moon & Am.Cn.Int'l Ch. Dar Morev's Madcap Minuet

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         Am Cn Ch Dar Morev's Moon Madness - "Logan"

We are thrilled with our last litter of Borzoi pups. Born April 17th 2008.
Zappa, Ruby and their litter's information can be found on our "Future" page.




"Maine Coon Cats"

are a newer addition to my life. After keeping the picture of the breed in my mind for over 15 years I was finally in a position to have them. 1991 brought the first of my wonderful cats. Naturally she wasn't my last and I have been involved in showing and breeding the Maine Coons from that point on. We are a small home based hobby Cattery. We strive to produce happy healthy cats on a limited basis.


We have no kittens available at this time.

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"Tru" photo by owner Fran Cameron                                                                   "Smarty Pants".


                 Silken Windhounds

A new addition to my home. Charming, Joyful, & Slightly more Obedient than many of my Borzoi. "Tangaloor Sunlit Silence"

aka "Claire" has won heart wherever she goes. Especially mine.

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Welcome to my site and I hope you enjoy the beauty and information contained within it.

Barb Solga


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